July 27th, 2011

When someone feels passionately about something, so much so that she changes her everyday actions as a result, we often fail to ask her why. Perhaps we don’t want to seem like we are challenging her convictions. Perhaps its because we don’t wish to reveal our own ignorance about topics common in public discourse.

But we should ask why, especially when we care about the person, and especially when her everyday actions impact ours.

My meat-loving brother’s fiancĂ© has been a vegetarian during the ten years that they’ve been together. Last year she decided to become a vegan. I’ve had vegan friends before, and never asked them about their motivations. I’d heard the land use reasoning, but didn’t fully understand it. I’d heard the health reasoning, but wanted to know more.

I interviewed Pete and Louisa about the choices they make when they consume, and asked them to explain why they make those choices. You might say I pitted my carnivorous brother against his vegan fiancé. To give him an edge, since blood is thicker than water, I let him use a keyboard during the interview. Louisa had no props, but she is very articulate, and held her own in the debate.

An interview about consumer choices with Pete Schneider and Louisa Trackman

      Choosing to be Vegan

      Luxury of Choice
      Chicken Feelings
      Humans Can Evolve
      Need to Eat It!
      In Ten Years...



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